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How To Approach Women: From A Female Perspective

From the ladies side of the field, I'm going to provide you with some inside information about how to approach women. Before we get into it though, I want to tell you one thing. The game has changed. Where previously you could neg, 'peacock' and make use of other Neil Strauss inspired tricks to get her clawing at your bedroom doors, thanks to the net, chat shows and the usual gossip, 'The Game' is up, likely to fail, and women are wise to it.

I'll provide you an example. Last week, myself and a few of my girl friends were out in a nice bar when we were come on to by a well dressed and booted city boy. He honed in on Tamara, a blonde friend of mine. "I love your hair", he commented. She smiled happily. "Not natural though?" He added. Once upon a time, this brazen challenge may have kindled chemistry. But my good friend, Layla, cut through the mood with, "Oh, my Lord! You completely just tried to neg my best mate!". While the poor guy fumbled to try and keep his game, all he could manage to say was a hard to hear, "No, I did not. I was just... I mean, what is negging?" You've missed the chance. Fail.

The Secret Is Out

These days we all know that when a guy comes over and offers a complement enclosed in an insult - we realize what he is doing. Anytime a guy asks far too many judicious questions, we presume 'game'. Every time a guy wears a crazy, attention grabbing, I-am-so-comfortable-in-myself type outfit, we think 'game', and get a tailor. This game is old. Time to leave the room.

If a person really wants to maintain his edge with a woman, she has to feel like he's the real deal, not somebody that frequents pick up conventions and helps to keep self-help books operating. The real deal means naturally fun, naturally cool, but above all, naturally himself.

Now, let's consider another illustration of something that happened to one of my male friends - it started terribly with a pick up line, but improved. The line was "Are you interested in a prune?" "Er, no." said the puzzled target. "Then how about a date?" Tumble weed was conceived for this type of line. He was greeted with a frown that turned into a flinch that transformed into two eyes searching for an escape route. He quickly gave up on the game and said, "That was awful, wasn't it? On a scale of one to ten, how poor would you think that was?"By giving the woman a chance to laugh, they both relaxed and a natural conversation followed. When he showed a little humility, coupled with enough self confidence to have a good laugh at himself, he was back on track. He was presented with a terrific lesson in how simply by being the real deal he could achieve more than a foolish, contrived line. He had been a humble tiger.

The Humble Tiger.

The key is being able to approach a woman in a confident way, but also with a touch of humility Guys with genuine confidence are popular, high up the chain and advertise the alpha characteristics that get women contemplating sex. However, it's not enough. We would like the hotness of alpha males together with the warmth of beta. We want the humble tiger. And when you can project an element of both, you'll get a lot more than just our attention. A woman needs to feel turned on and safe before she allows the attraction to hit rolling in the sack levels. Humility takes away the threat and lets us feel safe. When you blend in the sexual energy and physical attraction then you are getting close to a terrific night.

Approaching Women As The Humble Tiger

Let's begin with eye contact. This is where the humble tiger sense of balance is essential. Occasional, but strong eye contact expresses potential attraction. It gives our confidence a shot of electricity, and is subtle enough to keep away any tension. An excessive amount of relentless eye-to-eye contact, with a creepy lack of blinking, and then we think, "UH OH! Freak on the rampage."

If your occasional look is returned then you can know you've got a chance, head on over. Throw in a contrived chat up line, like "Did it hurt when you dropped from heaven?"and we think, "Oh, please" and instantly go into defense against idiots mode. Say something similar to, "It's quite warm in here, don't you think?" and we will probably answer politely, but inside, we'll be suppressing a yawn. So, how do you approach women? Well, here are a few things that have worked on my friends and I.

How To Approach Women With The Purpose Opener

This is when the guy incorporates a legitimate question, or reason to approach. Example: "You seem like a lady of fine taste. Could I get your assistance finding some decent tunes in this jukebox?" This approach removes the pressure by concentrating on a fun job, is flattering, and shows you respect a girl's thoughts and opinions. Asking us to help you also appeals to our latent inner girl scout. Winner.

The Way To Approach Women With The Situation Opener

This is most effective when there is something at hand to remark upon - a rude bartender, a music group, or a comedian having difficulties on stage. In this instance, something as simple as, "I'll take your lead on when to laugh" (for the horrific comedian) can create an alliance, and also the all-important feeling of play.

Keep The Exit Sign Lit

Provide the girl a simple out to make her feel more at ease. The same as guys, realizing there's an escape route often prevents the will to use it. Don't corner, isolate, or put us under social pressure to remain. We owe you nothing at all, and have to know that's understood. Keep buddies at close proximity and look at the signals.

Listening and Hearing

Being attentive - ensure you are hearing the words we are saying, I am talking about really listening. Aside from an ego deflator, not being attentive means not discerning, meaning needy. Standards are hot. Show us you have some.

Cordon Off Memory Lane

Be sure you don't start talking about your ex lover and also your childhood. Many of us may watch Oprah, and have been seen to discuss Grey's Anatomy in a bit too much detail, but talk too much about your past and our interest in sex takes a walk.

If we are out, us women love someone to come up to us. It truly flatters the heck out of us, providing it's performed with respect, low intensity and a positive manner. We don't dream to be tricked into bed. We all like nothing more than some great sex, it's all about the way How To Approach Women. Should you approach us with respect to the humble tiger then you'll soon be finding out just how much we love to get laid as well. Insult our intellect, and out comes the bitch. Let us in to the game, and out comes the part of us that likes to play - the game we both know we're taking part in.

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5 First Date Tips For Men That You Need To Know

Lets face it, those first date ideas from last century just don't work anymore. Everybody back when your parents were young went for a movie and a bite to eat, it is still popular , however, it isn't ever going to make a great first date. The key to a great first date is an activity that makes it easy and natural for the two of you to get on. You have to pick a stimulating setting that brings her to your world and results in a fun vibe. If you are searching for advice for a contemporary and exciting date, here you are.

Be Ready and Have Back-Up Plans

Preparation is important, don't expect a great date to just transpire. Your image plays an important role so dress informal, but a little classier, according to the kind of date. For instance, you don’t want to go over board and put on a full on suit to go to a comedy club, but denims, a dark V-neck and a jacket is a great combo that will show have style. Logistically, you should have everything set up so bring extra cash just in case for cabs or refreshments. And always carry breath mints or chewing gum on hand. Always.

If the venue is over booked or boring, be sure you have a reserve plan. An even better option is to have a few places already in your mind that you would like to hit during the date. Going to multiple locations in one evening can make her think that she’s experienced a bunch of dates with you and will speed up the rapport process.

In the event you take her home, make certain your room is cleaned up. No girl wants to walk into an apartment that looks like a filthy frat house (unless of course she’s from a sorority girl: ).

Dump the Meal and a Movie Night Out

A meal and a movie is a great intimate date - as soon as you’re hitched. But for the first date, it’s not going to help you and her to get to know each other. Instead of silently sitting in a theater, you will find hundreds of creative options you can choose that will carry her into your universe and create an exhilarating, enjoyable vibe. And unlike a table at a fancy eatery, first dates don’t need to be costly either. The truth is, no first date ought to cost more than around $20, that is approximately the cost of two drinks.

Here are a couple of options I like to use when I take a woman out the very first time.

1. Bowling

This is a great first date for two reasons: it gets the both of you up and moving plus, you can get a drink too! Ten pin bowling or any sports type time out together will allow the pair of you to get competitive, creating the possibility to tease and joke together. If you’re winning, you can tongue in cheek make fun of her or you can even make a playful bet with her (a great chance to amp up the sexual energy).

2. Comedy Club and Drinks

Seeing a stand-up comedy show is a great way to set an enjoyable mood for your night. With the laughter already flowing, all of the awkwardness usually associated with a first date disappears. Later on, you could go to a bar or a an inexpensive restaurant for drinks, making use of call-back humor from the show to create a connection during your conversation and also to keep the fun vibe going.

3. Festivals

A great way to get some fresh air and to ensure that you have lots to do and keep you entertained. Music is generally playing while there are a load of people around, creating a pleasurable and slightly flirtatious setting. Since you’re walking about, checking out the booths, it opens up the conversation to so many topics like her favorite kind of food, people watching, favorite activities to do as a kid and much more.

Conversations Shouldn’t Sound Like Job Interviews

Your standard first date dialogue:

You: "So what exactly do you do for a living?"

Her: "I’m a nurse. And what's your job?"

You: "I’m a writer… (You desperately think about something to say next). Do you like movies?"

YAWN! You want the conversation to be flirtatious, to be fun and to build your connection. Don’t ask the same kind of interview style questions, instead, get creative by asking open-ended questions such as:

"What did you dream of being when you were young?"

"What’s the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done?"

"Beyonce, great songs or simply beautiful?"

Okay so the last one might not exactly apply if you’re over the age of 20, but you see the idea. The goal of the dialogue is to flirt, so the key is to keep that vibe while strengthening the rapport between the two of you. Another great way to add spice to the conversation is to use bold statements. Teasingly call her out on an item she’s sporting or a particular mannerism. For instance, if she’s really easy going you could say, "you are totally giving off a west coast feel here". You want to make certain you are having an exciting and flirty chat that will create some chemistry between the both of you.


Initiate some touch, you just need to undertake it in a confident way. You don’t wish to act like a horny teenager and grope her. But touching the small of her back, leading her with your arm and all the tiny little details are essential to create sexual energy and keep the flirtatious vibe going. After the two of you have a playful back-and-forth going, feel free to add in a little horse play. Pick her up over your shoulders and spin her around or playfully poke her. This is how you can make sure you never end up just being good friends - that's not the point of this night out together.

First Date Tips for Guys - The Best Time to Go for the Kiss

The hardest thing - when do you go for that first kiss? This isn’t an 80’s chick flick so stop waiting around for the front door to go in for the big kiss. When you're midway into the night out and everything is running nicely - there is your opportunity. Show the girl you are self-assured, demonstrate to her you are a man who knows what you are doing, take that chemistry up a level. By looking for the kiss early on in the date, you avoid that awkward interaction at the end and enhance your chances of getting her into bed rather than a door slammed shut in your face. Stick to these First Date Tips for men and you will not have an uneventful date again.

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Online Dating Tips For Men

Internet dating were once the domain of the awkward folks that couldn't find someone in real life - when you met someone online you didn't admit it. Today, it has become a leading place for meeting way more girls than you could in a pub, club, or wherever your hunting ground might be. Much like regular dating, it's a lot easier for females than guys. Women never need to initiate contact, never have to setup dates, and never have to really try. Should you follow these Online Dating Tips though, you will discover your success going to new levels.

Internet Dating Tips for Men: Creating Your Web Presence

Use Online Dating Sites as Training: With the amount of women on web sites like Match, OKCupid, and PlentyofFish, it wouldn't make sense for any man to not have a profile online. At the same time, you don't need this to become your solitary source for meeting girls. You should use the experience to improve your dating expertise - chatting, flirting, creating attraction and sexual tension, and escalating. The actual site itself, however, is merely good for meeting girls in real life. You're not looking for a pen pal so don't spend a long time on the site. Seek to get a date as quickly as possible.

Your profile will be the thing that will persuade the potential date that you are not a weirdo and that you are worth getting together with. But lets be honest, not many people care about anything but the pictures. Your photos are the biggest part of your profile and should portray you in the most positive and attractive light. Whilst men have a fairly basic 1 to 10 scale for scoring female appeal, girls have a different sort of scale for guys. You don't have to resemble Brad Pitt to be an appealing man.

Your profile ought to a) demonstrate that you're a well turned out and well dressed guy, b) show you in exciting situations, ideally with other people, c) show women a feeling of exactly what would be like to date you. Most of the time, the setting and circumstances in a photo are more important than what you truly look like. And for the love of all that is holy, ensure no shots of the abs.

Building a Positive Profile: There's nothing sadder than a man being self defacing or abusing himself on his own profile. This is when you need to show your very best self, not give women a reason to disregard you. Never publish anything that speaks in a negative way to your looks, personality, job, or any other thing. If a girl isn't into you for one of those reasons, that's her problem. You are here to find women, not provide them with a reason to go on to the next dude.

Online Dating Tips for Men: Getting The Girl

Act genuine and natural - when you initiate contact consider it as if you are talking to somebody new you've just met in a coffee shop. Avoid physical compliments, talk about a detail of their photos or profile and begin flirting. It's perfectly fine to poke fun at them a touch or inject some sexual wit or innuendo.

One doesn't just want to be online chat friends though, so take it offline by chatting with her on the phone or meeting for a drink. Various girls wait various amounts of time, you don't need to get stuck on ladies who want to wait forever to meet or might not wish to meet at all.

You want to have that first date sorted as soon as possible, mainly because cyber sex seriously isn't the same as the real deal. Second, the first contact is when the interest is most powerful so you want to build off that momentum rather than letting her look for a reason to not get in touch based on some off handed email. Third, a lot of the girls on these websites, particularly the free sites, don't wish to meet anyone which means you don't want to spend all that time attempting to build attraction with a girl who never has any intentions of meeting you. Most significantly, dating and interest is something that is completely different in person than online, make the experience as real as possible for both of you.

If the girl doesn't want to meet up right away build towards it by sending text messages and speaking on the phone first. Some girls prefer to text or chat on the phone before they setup a meeting. That's good, just keep in mind that the goal remains to arrange the night out together as quickly as possible and turn your online dating encounter into serious dating.

First Date: An internet first date is different from a real first date since it is the first time you are actually meeting. It's best to avoid high pressure nights out like fancy dinners so go for something more low key. Some blokes prefer to talk and get to know her, a quick drink or perhaps a coffee date is fine for the first encounter. Some guys prefer to not have a lot of one-on-one pressure so taking her to a show, movie, or social gathering could be the way forward. When you have met and developed some comfort and with any luck, attraction, you can move on in your usual way.

The Different Dating Sites

The only thing you have to concentrate on is locating the site which is going to work best in your case. Let us take a look at the primary ones. It's a pay site which can be both positive and negative. There's no need to spend money on online dating but think about this: the ladies on this site are paying to have help them find someone. They are genuinely investing in this meaning they are probably more serious about dating compared to a girl on a free site who could have made a profile on impulse or simply to massage that ego.

OKCupid: It's free and it is one of the best free online dating sites around. This fabulous site tends to have a younger demographic with many girls in college or recently finished. The scene also leans to the arty side with plenty of aspiring designers, artists, music artists, writers, etc. This site appears to offer a higher reply rate than others but also has a ton of girls that haven't any real interest in dating.

PlentyofFish: This is another site which is free and it also benefits from having a great number of girls who are really seeking to hook up. Free websites are the the easy way put these internet dating tips for guys into practice without any real investment except time.

EHarmony: It is the location to come if you're searching for a long term companion - it's about finding someone who you've got a deep connection with. If you are looking for "the one" this isn't a bad choice.

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First Date Ideas That Will Land You The Next Date

Those times when you do not know what to say. Awkward gaps in conversation. You say something silly about how she reminds you of your ex - a big mistake! Whenever you dream about your first date with this wonderful woman you met yesterday, this is simply not what you would like. Guys have a perception of what the first date ought to be, but this is exactly what brings about the problems - it's awkward sitting in a restaurant with someone you don't really know. You put on your best clothes (you know, the Target variety of the things promoted in GQ), pick her up at her place and do the whole wine-and-dine process. This is what the magazines tell you to try and do, but what happens? A couple bored to death, trying to think of something to say until the basket of bread arrives. If you set yourself up in a circumstance that has little fun to it and places to much focus on the two of you, then it is only able to go one way.

If you want a night out that the two of you will love then do something a little different. What appears more stimulating: dinner at some posh restaurant combined with an agonizing Jennifer Aniston rom-com or a day at the beach followed by a BBQ? You might be thinking "Yeah, but girls wish to date men who do adult things a.k.a. spend shitloads of cash" and you’d be right to a certain degree. There certainly are many women around who prefer the ho-hum, extravagant first night out together. Most exciting, fun girls, however, would be delighted at the mention of an out of the ordinary date. You’ve got one chance to demonstrate to her a good time before you’re back in the bar (or Plenty of Fish message board) hitting on the next girl. Do something that seems less similar to an interview and much more like a pleasurable time. She’ll definitely remember go-karting more than she will a T bone steak at your local steakhouse.. Keep reading for several first-rate first date suggestions.

Bring Her Into Your World

Just what does dinner and a flick say concerning your interests? Unless you’re some sort of dual food-and-movie critic (and if so, you’ve got a kick-ass career), this dating cliché shows absolutely nothing about yourself. You’ve got to stand out. Sure, you can chuck a glass of wine at the waitress or shine a laser pointer at the movie screen, but doing so will only make you look like an idiot.

The best way to make an impact is to bring her inside your world. While you don’t want to do a thing that she’ll have most likely no interest in (e.g. Playstation, a paintball tournament with your buds), you’re sure to look intriguing involving her in an activity that shows something about your personality, passions, goals, etc.

Are you a qualified pilot? Take her for a ride (Mile High Club jokes are up to you) in the sky. Iron Maiden? Invite her to a live show and jump your way to her heart. Not only will this reveal something special about yourself, but you’ll have actual experiences to talk about on the phone a few days later (especially if you manage to crowdsurf together; now that’s romantic.)

By showing the woman the genuine you, you can shine. There’s no better strategy to figure this out than to let her into your world, regardless of how dorky or seemingly lame it happens to be. Whether you take her scubadivng or to a "Star Trek" convention, she’ll know from the very beginning exactly what you’re about.

While thinking about the date though, you want to make sure that it is something which is going to interest you both. If your plan is to take her deer hunting and she’s some kind of deer whisperer, look into something you’ll both equally get pleasure from.

Try Something New

Is there anything less hot/thrilling than an overly planned night out together? Sure, you need to appear like you’re on top of the details (e.g. choosing a date, meeting up on time, not putting on your "Drugs Rock" t-shirt), however, you also want to surprise her. What better way to impress her than to try a new challenge together.

Just like the "bring her into your world" date, the "let’s try something new" date is really a welcome departure from your usual dinner-and-a-movie date. This date, however, is going to be full of surprises for both of you.

Say, for example, you decide to meet up in a latin dancing class, neither of you possessing any experience. You’ll delight in doing a new challenge with each other and laugh at the unavoidable kinks with the plan. Eventually your two left feet will come across her two left feet and you will | you are going to | you can collapse on each other. You’ll have a common experience and the event will remain in her mind always. What’s the most exciting thing that will happen with a costly meal, getting a thumb as part of your soup? Liven things up by participating in new stuff together and you’ll appear like a fun-loving dude open to different things (translation: 2nd date worthy.)

Keep Her Wondering

Having the ability to think quickly is one more secret for a good date. There is little that will intrigue a woman more than keeping her wondering. You can accomplish this not just by acting concurrently interested and indifferent but by taking her on a date with no clear path i.e. "the random date."

Show up on time, but leave the evening/night open for random fun. For instance, you can get together at some place (e.g. a train station, public park, anywhere but a creepy shed in the woods) and simply let the date materialize. Notice a fro-yo place that appears interesting? Pop in and savor an experience together.

Walk by a bar and see that there is a group of musicians playing? Step inside and enjoy the show. Strange novelty store close by? Put on goofy masks/caps/outfits and take snap shots. She’ll post it on her Facebook page and outdo all her girl friends.

How many photo opportunities do you get relaxing in a booth at TGI Fridays? Very few (except if you’ve got something in your teeth, and in that case you’re SOL.). Make your date an outing she’ll always remember. More often than not it will lead to other "adventures" (wink wink) you’ll always remember.

Forget Ordinary First Date Ideas: Make an Impression

To get yourself an additional date, you have to make sure that first one isn't a catastrophe. So follow these First Date Ideas and make your first date successful. Ensuring you keep it easy for yourself and create a fun impression will get you that second date. When you are yourself it is possible to differentiate yourself. Continue to keep surprising her and that list of guys will narrow down to just one before you know it. Taking her out for an evening on the town along with your guy mates, keep until you have had a few dates first nevertheless!


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